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Village dating site

You're hungry for information, connection, and resources that can help make the path a bit smoother. We’re offering all first time purchasers a special deal! "We have an idea of how the society developed at this time and how these villages developed, but now it is actually possible for us to test whether we can recognize these features in a large excavation such as this," she said.Balsgaard Juul said the main features of the site were the thousands of post holes left by buildings constructed at different times during the 300-year period.The site at Jelling is the largest early medieval settlement unearthed in Denmark, although several smaller sites are well-known to archaeologists, such as those at Vorbasse in southern Denmark and at Nørre Snede, also in central Jutland, reported Science Nordic."The significance is in the size of the site — it makes it possible for us to test the knowledge that we already have," Balsgaard Juul told Live Science.

The smallest, around 6 by 6 feet (2 by 2 m), may have been granaries or storehouses, Balsgaard Juul said.

The excavated village contains traces of up to 400 farm buildings, including several longhouses that would have each formed the center of a family farm.

Based on the distinctive shapes of the buildings, researchers have dated the remains to between A. 300 to 600 — a time known as the early medieval period in Europe, during the Germanic Iron Age in Denmark.

Each longhouse would have been the main building of a family farm, and home to between eight and 15 people, she said.

According to the traditions of the time, the villagers would have shared the longhouses with their animals: "We have the living area in one side of the house, and then in the middle of the house there's an entrance area, and on the other side there was a stable for animals and for whatever else you need for living in the [Germanic] Iron Age." The villagers would have farmed crops in fields around their farmsteads, while the animals would have grazed on pastureland and in open forests nearby, Balsgaard Juul said.

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The iron would have come from the ore-rich soil found in many bogs in Denmark, and one of the smaller buildings is thought to have been a smithy where the metal was worked.

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